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As far as business and manufactoring is concerned, Veneto is known world-wide for its wide range of productions and for its so-called industrial districts, territorial areas characterised by a high concentration of small and medium-sized enterprises highly specialised in a productive sector.


Metal and Mechanical Industry
The metal and mechanical sector, with its 24.000 companies, is the most important manufacturing industry in Veneto, representing ca. 1/3 of our export, of our employment (28%), of our production (30%)  and of the added value (27%).
Thanks to their tailor-made approach, Veneto manufacturers are able to create a technological process to their customers specifications and then carry out the product on a large scale.
Veneto exports technology which is applied to a wide range of industrial sectors for a total annual value of US$ 14.000 million.

Hide Tranning
What might be defined as the European and worls centre of hide tanning is found at the extreme edge of the province of Vicenza. Here the leather working is particularly sophisticated and based on ancient traditions that have been handed down through the centuries. More then 760 tanneries, which turn over a total of US$ 3.220 million per year, supply leather to the footwear, clothing and furniture industries.

Marble and granite
The marble area is a proper district, a square measuring 25 km/side running along the Adige river and including some 20 towns in the Valpolicella area, with 1.431 small and medium-sized enterprises and nearly 4.000 workers that turn over some US$ 3.000 million per year.
Within the last six year, sector exports have doubled to US$ 760 million (33% of the Italian national total). Equally important is the sector of marble and stone processing which is represented by ca. 550 enterprises.

Apart from fomous brands such as Benetton, Diesel, Marzotto or Stefanel, this sector is marked by the presence of a great number of small and medium-sized enterprises concurring in maintaining on the credit side the index of export (more than 1/3 of the production).
The Veneto companies in the "fashion system" are characterised by a strong international vocation confirmed by ever-increasing exportation (25% of the total turnover).


80% of Italian eyewear manufacturers are concentrated in Veneto, particularly in the province of Belluno located amongst the Dolomite mountains. Here more than 1.000 companies generate an annual turnover of some US$ 1.500 million from spectacles and sunglasses. Apart from the major industries, which handle some of the most famous brands in the world, an extremely dense network of small and medium-sized companies has grown up with strong connections to the international market.

An average of 115-120 million pairs of shoes are manufactured yearly by the footwear companies of the region which are mainly concentrated in the provinces of Verona, Rovigo and in the Riviera del Brenta area, a territory between Venice and Padua with a footwear turnover of more than US$ 1.500 million per year (86% comes from export).
Morever Veneto boast of the world famous district of Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso, which alone carries 70% of the Italian production of sports shoes and nothing short of 65% of the world production of ski-boots.

The forniture of woodworking industry is one of the pillars of the Veneto's business system.
The companies in the wood/furnishings sector present in Veneto are about 13.000 for a total of 69.000 workers and manufacture 30% of the Italian furniture. The main feature of the Veneto furniture industry is that it supplies a complete range of products. Veneto companies produce classical, period and modern pieces together with home and office furnishings of all kinds.

Goldsmith's Art
Goldsmith production is concentrated for 98% in the province of Vicenza which hosts 1.100 companies, 716 of which are artisan enterprises. The companies are small but their vocation for export is confirmed by figures which show that nearly 70% of the products go abroad. The Vicenza production represents approx. 40% of the entire national sector, corresponding to a total of transformed gold of ca. 200 tons per year.

Creative Craftsmanship
Veneto craftsmanship has an intersectorial produstive dimension often highly creative, specialized and with a high added value, like in the metal and mechanical industries which largely work with subcontractors and sub-suppliers, like in the textile sector and many others. Veneto numbers more than 132.500 artisan companies equivalent to 10% of the Italian artisan business concerns. The manufacturing artisan enterprises are active in all sectors: metalworking, building, fashion, glassware, artistic ceramics and more.

Agriculure and Food Industry
Agriculture is a traditional strong point of the Veneto economy.
The category is led by the livestock sector, which accounts for some 40% of Italian national beef and vine growing and wine production.
When it comes to grapes and wine, Veneto is the leading Italian producer of DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) wines and accounts for 20% of the Italian national output. Moreover, the Veneto's DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) production includes a wide range of cheese and meat products as well as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Veneto is the tourist engine of Italy. One traveller out of six among those who choose our peninsula stops at the beaches, the mountains, the natural springs or the cities of art of the region. Anf it is for this reason than Veneto is by far the first and foremost tourist region in Italy.
The highly organised tourist system offers more than 48.000 hotels and 650.000 beds, contributing a turnover of more than US$ 10.000 million per year to the regional income.